01 November 2008


The first of the month: a time of new beginnings. Of change, momentous change. And thus I have decided to record my thoughts here in this medium, to release them into the collective consciousness, for I feel that there is a universality in much of what I have to say. We are all beings of love, hope, desire, fear, longing, each of us struggling to find our place in the world, to discover what it is that we were born to do—or, more importantly, who we were born to be, and how we must manifest that energy through our works.

As a twenty-something, I am just beginning this journey of self-exploration, of ‘knowing thyself. ’ I stand before a great crossroads from whence a multitude of paths diverge, and could choose any one of them were I truly devoted to it. Yet I stand here, hesitant, waiting for something to spur me forward, to drag me from my inertia. Ironically, only I can take that first step, and I will know in what direction to move when I am peaceful, for then the still, small voice of intuition will speak through me. When the time comes, I will know. And thus now, at this time of beginnings, I must start to set things in motion.*

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