19 November 2010

out of the silence, sound.

After a summer of wonder and growth and discovery, and the coming of a glorious autumn, I am back. I did not intend to be silent for so long: I simply needed some time to myself, in the real world, in which I was not thinking about the virtual world, but really, truly, being present. Not an easy task to accomplish: a daily struggle, in fact, but a beautiful one. And so, I am here, speaking once again, in a voice that is not new but perhaps whose timbre has shifted a little.

There is much that I would like to share from my summer, and will in a series of upcoming posts. Suffice it to say right now that I flew across the pond, to a new land and a new language, in search of a new me. I didn't find her, but somehow, little by little, became her. And she wasn't who I had been expecting. Mentally, I landed clad in black and white: over the course of the coming months I learned to appreciate many shades of grey, whose richness I had thought myself incapable of seeing. I was drawn to surprising things, things which previously might not have even warranted a second glance: now I was chasing them down.

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you... stay tuned! :)