25 February 2010

re-centering & summer hints...

Ciao a tutti! It has been quite some time since I've posted, and I wanted to let you all know that I've enabled comments, so leave me some love!

I have recently been plotting my next great European adventure (!!) which will be taking place this summer... here are a few hints: it will be starting with about a month in Germany––something new! And then I will venture south of the Alps to warmer climes and the indelible flavor of Italy in the summer. And... there will also be some time in a monastery involved.

In December I had a very vivid dream in which I spent a season in a monastery, after which I was ready and receptive for love to re-enter my life. Ever since I have been rather spellbound by this image, and though I can't just drop everything to run off to a cloister for three months, I have been craving the peace, simplicity, and solitude that this would give me, that it would help me to find within myself.

So often I am overcome by the insignificant worries of the mundane, caught up in the seeming drama of the quotidian happenings of my life: stressing about work, projects, deadlines, family, money, singleness, &c... It is so easy to loose focus! February has been a particularly difficult month in this regard; add on a few snowstorms (which were lovely while fresh, but then evolved into an awful nuisance! there is quite a difference between fluffy, newly fallen snow and the ice & slush that invariably follow), the demise of my favorite old winter boots, mopey feelings around Valentine's day, and giving up sweets and coffee for Lent (there is a bag of chocolates in my closet that is calling my name every five minutes or so).

What does all this mean for Stella? Time to recenter myself! I have been doing yoga every morning and night and taking this marvelous (though awful tasting) detox drink daily, and I can feel it working its magic. Add to that a beautiful box full of ruby red grapefruits, temple oranges, and honey tangerines courtesy of dear ol' Dad–– this should tide me over. I've also just joined a gym that is right around the corner from my apartment. It is time to make good on my new year's resolution to be in my body and honor the temple that it is!

 Here's to a wonderful March. :)