02 February 2012

happy february!

And a belated happy new year, dear readers! I am a little behind, as you can see...

I began this semester with several unfinished projects to complete, and I am still struggling to find the time to finish them amidst the hustle and bustle of a new schedule of courses, teaching, and very limited extracurriculars. And for weeks now I have felt this unfinished business hanging over my head, menacingly, distracting me from my present tasks and causing me to worry. I tend to take on more than I should, but have always managed to get by somehow; now that papers and reviews are piling up, I feel suffocated by them. I must remember to focus upon one task at a time, and to complete it; then I can move on to the next one. And just like that, these past projects will finally belong to the past, so that I can better devote my energies the present.

There are so many things with which I seek to enrich my life— music, dance, art, yoga (oh, and blogging regularly!)— but for now these plans are largely on hold. Slow and steady, I hope to begin to incorporate them into my routine... and to complete that which I have thus far left undone. On this day, the first of February, I pledge to myself to finish all outstanding projects by the end of the month— well, hopefully prior to the 29th, so I can properly enjoy the leap-year day (my beau and I have opera tickets, but I must earn them properly!).

For now I will leave you with a few images resulting from my recent obsession with instagram:

 Daily dose of wisdom, courtesy of Yogi Tea

 My lovely little Christmas tree (yes, it is still up)

My messy desk— I need a new calendar to hang on the wall!

 Delicious fruit pastries enjoyed with the best of friends :)

And the little bakery with the best pain au chocolat in the neighborhood. Yum!

A presto!

xo, Stella